optimal bites – version 2012

I’m starting to realize that I don’t have the memory of an elephant anymore. I really do have to write things down.

So here, in no particular order, are the memorable bites of 2012. Photos included where available.

1. banana cream pie, croissant and latte – Tartine

2. garlic knot – Milo & Olive

3. caramel sea salt ice cream – Sweet Rose Creamery

4. gogi berry chicken soup – Jurassic Restaurant

5. persimmon pudding – Cortez

6. coffee cake – Canele

7. scallion pancakes – Liang’s Kitchen

8. risotto with fresh Tuscan artichokes eaten on the rooftop deck of a friend’s home – Zurich


9. Autogrill panini – along the Autostrada in Northern Italy

10. everything out of Emanuela Grotti’s kitchen – Agriturismo Podere Prasiano


11. bean & cheese burrito – Al & Bea’s

12. pecan panna cotta – Baco Mercat


13. the entire menu of Ravi Kapur‘s Outstanding in the Field dinner, especially the smoked octopus with avocado cream – Santa Cruz sea cove


14. a dessert with lemon and olive shortbread on the spring menu – AQ

15. Taiwanese breakfast items: radish cake with egg & sticky black rice rolls – Huge Tree Pastry

16. English muffin – Model Bakery


17. Proof brioche toast with Santa Rosa plum chutney and Fat Bottom Girl sheep’s cheese, G&B latte – Sqirl Kitchen


18. salami, manchego and chive butter sandwich – Proof Bakery

19. lobster with e-fu noodles – Fortune Gourmet Kitchen


20. maple custard pie – The Pie Hole

21. the meringue & ice cream dessert at a Swiss farmhouse restaurant I can’t remember the name of – Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland

22. brown butter date bundt cake (on the right) – The Sycamore Kitchen


23. post-engagement spaghetti carbonara and rosé – Lenno, Italy

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